The Process

The Process

With You Every Step Of The Way

The Ecofill service includes binder design, material production, testing and validation. Armed with site investigation data, comprehensive testing, and a full understanding of the project requirements, we manage the full Ecofill production process from start to finish.

A fully trained, technical Ecofill operative will be present on site for the full duration of the Ecofill process. This is to ensure the Ecofill product is being produced to the correct design and specification at all times. Regular monitoring will take place using our on-board digitalised system with all the information monitored & fed back to the cloud for head office checks & verification.

This ensures maximum efficiency, quality guarantee and complete confidence that all requirements are being met in order to successfully deliver the sustainable Ecofill solution.

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Step 1. Site Investigation Review

Ecofill reviews the site investigation data and prepares an initial assessment & project proposal outlining the various benefits of what can be achieved by adopting the Ecofill technology. This includes an overview of the Ecofill services available to that particular scheme, a technical appraisal and also highlights the significant savings on carbon & costs.

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Step 2. Binder Design & Laboratory Testing

Subject to acceptance of the proposal, and in line with our Quality Management Plan, material is sampled from site and independent laboratory testing is carried out on the Clays & Subsoils.

Here we have the abililty to formulate our binders to any site/ground type, determine the moisture content and establish the required binder mix/addition rate.

This allows us to achieve the required stiffness modulus and bearing capacity to support the trafficking and loadings that the structures will be subjected to over their design life, including both temporary and permanent earthworks structures.


Step 3. Ecofill Product Production

The Ecofill technology (machine and binders) are mobilised to site and production of the Ecofill products commences under the control of our Production Supervisor.  Our machines are constantly monitoring binder addition rate and output to ensure we are achieving quality, efficiency & relevant targets. 

Additional laboratory testing is conducted at regular intervals during the production process for third party verification which further adheres to the Ecofill Quality Management Plan.

Step 4. Laying & Compaction

Laying and compaction is carried out using traditional compaction equipment and in line with Table 6/4 of SHW600. Once the Ecofill products are compacted correctly, the rapid curing process begins.

The Ecofill products can be stockpiled for later use. In particular, Ecofill 75 has a workability period of up to 6 months.

Step 5. Testing, Validation, Verification

To finish, validation & verification tests are carried out to ensure the structures meet the relevant National & European specifications. 

Working with UKAS accredited, independent laboratories, Ecofill provide the final piece to the jigsaw with full validation reports shared with clients to provide complete client comfort and  transparency.

After testing & validation has been undertaken, all the data will be compiled into a comprehensive & detailed report for sign off and project completion.

Our partners are experts in infrastructure testing and verification, providing Ecofill with an approved Quality Management Plan & validation process to ensure the end product is fully compliant with the National & European industry specifications for Highways and Earthworks.

"Together with our clients, we can challenge convention, drive effective change and deliver much needed improvements resulting in a smarter, greener & more cost-effective, modern method of construction. "
Dr Nigel Griffiths
Ecofill Chairman