Ecofill Services

Ecofill Services

Land Acquisition

We believe early contractor involvement is key.

We can work with you to make your land acquisition process more commercially viable. 

For example, with contaminated ground and brownfield sites, it is sometimes unfeasible to purchase the land due to the high cost of remediating the land.

With the Ecofill technology we can offer bespoke treatment of contaminated soils, giving you a larger land-bank and a more competitive market edge.

Site Investigation

Initial Testing & Site Investigation

We provide a full suite of site testing and investigation reporting. Incorporating this into our complete solutions provides an efficiency and a transparency heavily sought and desired by clients across all industry sectors.

This can include:

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Phase 1 and Phase 2 Site Investigation Reports

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Phase 3 Remediation Strategy

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Stabilisation Trials

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Deployment Notice & Environmental Permitting

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Implementing a Materials Management Plan

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Qualified WAMITAB operator

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On-Site Validation Testing

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Validation Report

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Regulator Sign Off

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Liaison with the Regulator (Environment Agency and Land Contamination officer from the council)


Site Design, Build & Installation

Working with our leading UK industry Design & Civil Engineering partners, Ecofill have the capabilities to fully design and build temporary & permanent earthworks structures. This includes the design, build & installation of working platforms, adoptable roads, compounds & haul roads etc.

A fully trained, technical Ecofill operative will be present on site for the full duration of the Ecofill process. This is to ensure the Ecofill product is being produced to the correct design and specification at all times. Regular monitoring will take place using our on-board digitalised system with all the information monitored & fed back to the cloud for head office checks & verification.

All of our solutions are developed in line with the national industry specification, the ‘Design Manual for Roads & Bridges’ all whilst achieving reduced road layer thicknesses, in turn driving value, increased savings and reduced carbon footprint.

On-Site Control, Testing, Validation & Project Completion

Our machine is constantly monitoring binder addition rate and output to ensure we are achieving quality, efficiency & relevant targets. Regular testing of the end product is carried out on site and samples are also taken off site for third party verification.

Working with our partners and independently accredited laboratories, Ecofill provide the final piece to the jigsaw with full validation reports shared with clients to provide complete transparency.

After testing & validation has been undertaken, all the data will be compiled into a comprehensive & detailed report for sign off and project completion.

Our partners are experts in infrastructure testing and verification, providing Ecofill with an approved validation process to ensure the end product is fully compliant with the national industry specification for Highways and Earthworks.

Ecofill & The UK

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