Green Jumper Day

“We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system”

Today, 26th of November, we are delighted to be supporting Green Jumper Day, set up by Yorkshire based charity ‘Green Jumper’ a non-profit organisation. They are asking everyone to wear a jumper (green if you have one) and turn the heating down wherever you are in order to save on your carbon footprint. 

The day was set up to raise awareness surrounding climate change and to act. “We want to ensure future generations don’t inherit a broken eco-system” said an ambassador from Green Jumper, we share in this vision and want to encourage others in thinking about how they could be more sustainable, we can all do our bit and adopt smarter ways of being ‘green’. 

Individuals and organisations can raise funds by donating the savings from their energy bill, by collections within the office, or both. Money raised on the day goes towards various projects such as WWF and their ‘plant a trillion trees’ initiative. They also support two children’s authors Chris Madeley, and Jenny Bailey in commissioning and gifting books to schools about climate change. And finally, they give talks to teenagers, visiting different schools to give inspirational talks by working with Ashley Cooper and Paula Widdowson. 

“We have come to work wearing our best jumpers. These can be green (if you have one) or in our case, could also include a Christmas jumper – at Ecofill HO we are also using the day as an opportunity to decorate the office for Christmas! Said Sean Rowland, Business Development Manager for Ecofill. “We are proud to be showing our support for Green Jumper Day. The initiative is a very simple way to further highlight the impact climate change is having on our planet, something that mirrors our own company ethos very well”. 

The timing of the day is well placed, falling just a short time after COP26, the Glasgow based world leaders event on climate change, and also lends itself well to the start of National Tree Week which takes place 27th Nov – 5th December. 

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