Education & Outreach

Change doesn’t respond to promises and goals, it responds to action.

At the core of our work at Ecofill, we aim to help our clients and audiences further afield understand the importance of what Ecofill does and how it was created, but equally as important….why Ecofill was created.

Our Education & Outreach programme is more than just raising brand awareness, this is a strategic initiative which focuses on peer reinforcement and social-norming, creating space for effective behavioural change.

Since conception, and in line with the launch of the Ecofill Innovation Hub, we have been steadily working behind the scenes to develop meaningful partnerships with relevant organisations in order to provide a national opportunity for the betterment of decarbonising the construction industry.

Building a better future cannot rely solely on one organisation. Industry improvement needs full collaboration and Ecofill are helping to form links between three construction industry key pillars:

·        Education

·        Industry

·        Government

Educating students & industry professionals on the Ecofill alternative whilst calling on Government to implement real change have been top of the programme’s agenda.

We are delighted to be bringing the resources of the Ecofill entity into the classroom, on to site and into the boardrooms of head policymakers .




Our products are suitable for use on virtually all permanent earthworks structures including

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Trench Backfills

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Adoptable roads and footpaths

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Flood defences

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Car parks, Loading Bays & Storage Areas

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Laydown and hardstanding areas

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Railway Embankments



The Ecofill process and by its very nature is ideal in the construction & decommissioning of temporary structures such as haul roads and compounds. Typical applications and structures produced using the Ecofill process include:
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Haul roads & access roads

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Working platforms (piling mats & crane pads etc)

Collaborating with our partners, Ecofill can design and build working platforms such as piling mats and crane pads which are produced to BRE 470 and/or Temporary Works Forum TWf2019: 02.


Laboratory Mix Design Study

Laboratory Mix Design Study

Material is sampled from site and tested at the laboratory. Here we have the ability to formulate a binder specific to any site / ground type and furthermore, we can achieve the following:

Optimum Binder Addition Rate: This allows us to achieve the required stiffness modulus & bearing capacity to support the trafficking & loadings that the structures will be subjected to over their design life whether temporary or permanent structures.

Unique Binder Design: If the site is contaminated, the mix design study will also demonstrate the unique and specific Ecofill binder design required. 

The binder will remediate the contaminated soil through the process of solidification or stabilisation. Contaminants will therefore either be encapsulated, have their leachability reduced to safe levels or become chemically changed therefore reducing toxicity or mobility.

Ecofill can formulate bespoke proprietary binders to the contaminants present at the job site as determined in the remediation strategy. This helps ensure that the optimum remediation outcome is obtained on a site by site basis in terms of sustainability, performance and cost.

This also ensures full environmental compliance is achieved for end use.