Ecofill Joins Three Days of Global Support for Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is one of the most celebrated international calendar events and at Ecofill HQ we were delighted to be able to show our support by launching our first ever Earth Day Video.



Earth day 2021 took place on 22nd April, just three days after the launch of Ecofill and the in-house Marketing team were thrilled to be able to produce the 60 second reel to help place a spotlight on the annual event which was first held in April of 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

“On brand, the Ecofill ethos of circular economy and sustainability is an ideal advocate for the Earth Day Movement and Ecofill as a company are well positioned within the construction industry to act as a much-needed campaigner of the climate action conversations currently taking place within the built environment sector.” said Sean Rowland, spokesperson for Ecofill. “The theme for Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth” and its focus is on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. Ecofill fits hand-in-glove with this theme with our brand-new and emerging green technology launched this week” concluded Rowland.

The Ecofill ground technology significantly reduces the requirement to export site materials to land fill and the import of aggregates and with that in turn reduces the number of vehicle movements to and from site drastically reducing Co2 Emissions, Pm10 and Nitrogen Dioxide.

The launch of Ecofill comes at a crucial point in the construction industry revolution. Never before has there been such a focus on the consequences of global warming directly contributed to from the built environment sector. Initiatives such as the Paris Climate Agreement and goals such as Net Zero 2050 have strong armed the industry into positive and proactive thinking. Ecofill values are at the heart of this radical change. Never before as our message been clearer, Build A Better Future.