Ecofill and Redrow forge groundbreaking partnership for sustainable construction at Daresbury Garden Village, Warrington

Learn more about one of our latest successes as Redrow and the Ecofill team share their insights!

Ecofill, a pioneering force in sustainable earthworks construction technology, proudly announces its collaboration with Redrow, a renowned developer of premium homes and communities, in the ambitious Daresbury Garden Village project in Warrington. Situated amidst the serene landscapes of Cheshire, Daresbury Garden Village embodies the shared commitment of Ecofill and Redrow to sustainable development.

With a legacy spanning nearly 50 years and over 120,000 homes, Redrow has earned a reputation for building premium houses and thriving communities. At the heart of its  operational framework lies a pragmatic plan to deliver on their purpose and strategy, emphasising long-term value creation for all stakeholders and seizing opportunities for sustainable growth.

“Ecofill is honoured to partner with Redrow in the transformative Daresbury Garden Village project,” said Seb Love, CTO of Ecofill. “Our collaboration underscores the shared commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable advancements in the construction sector. Together, we are poised to revolutionise earthworks construction while creating vibrant, eco-friendly communities.”

Through this partnership, Ecofill’s groundbreaking technology has been employed to transform on-site clays and subsoils into aggregate replacement products, meeting all National and European specifications for Highways and Earthworks. This innovative approach significantly reduces the export of soils to landfill and the import of aggregates, thereby drastically cutting lorry movements, carbon emissions, and construction costs.

“We are excited to collaborate with Ecofill in the development of Daresbury Garden Village,” remarked Olivia Parry, Sustainability Manager at Redrow. “This project exemplifies our commitment to creating sustainable communities. .”

Chris Hayton, Technical Project Manager at Redrow North West, expressed enthusiasm for integrating Ecofill’s innovative technology into the project.

“Ecofill’s solution aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals for Daresbury Garden Village,” said Hayton. “Their expertise in transforming on-site materials into aggregate replacement products which meet national earthworks specifications not only enhances the environmental sustainability of our construction but also demonstrates our dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology.”

“The partnership with Ecofill represents a significant step forward in our sustainability journey at Daresbury Garden Village,” said Hayton. “Compared to traditional methodology and by leveraging Ecofill’s technology, we treated 9,279m3 of material. As a result of this, we’ve been able to divert 18,559 tonnes from landfill, saving 21,343 tonnes of imported aggregate, reducing 4,158 lorry movements, and eliminating 147 tonnes of carbon emissions. This collaboration sets a new standard for sustainable construction in our industry.”

Moving forward, Ecofill and Redrow envision a partnership that extends beyond Daresbury Garden Village. Together, they are exploring opportunities to roll out Ecofill’s technology across other sites, driving sustainable construction practices nationwide.

Moreover, Ecofill’s technology is currently live on other major projects nationally, showcasing its scalability and effectiveness in driving sustainable construction practices across the country.

“Aswell as members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and The UK Green Building Council, Ecofill is also very proud to be recognised as a Net Zero Business Champion by the Construction Leadership Council,” added Dr Nigel Griffiths, Ecofill Chairman. “This partnership with Redrow further exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and innovation, aligning with our mission to drive positive environmental impact while delivering tangible results for our clients.”