Ecofill and Avove Shortlisted for British Construction Industry 2024 Awards

This award seeks to recognise project teams that are changing ways of working to become integrated teams and fully collaborate within the supply chain to deliver better outcomes for all those involved in the construction industry.


We are thrilled to announce that Ecofill, alongside our esteemed partner Avove, has been shortlisted in the prestigious British Construction Industry 2024 Awards. This recognition underscores the groundbreaking innovative approach we are bringing to Soil Management within the industry, successfully launched at the Vyrnwy Aqueduct Modernisation Programme in Cheshire.

Our entry has stood out amidst stiff competition, earning us a place as finalists in the Partnership Initiative of the Year category.

The British Construction Industry Awards are renowned for celebrating excellence in project delivery and for their crucial role in driving positive societal impact within the construction and built environment sector.

Ecofill and Avove’s pioneering partnership has provided transformative solutions for on-site subsoil treatment, addressing challenging ground conditions by processing and converting clays and subsoils into fully certified aggregate replacement products. Known as The Soil Management Initiative, this approach sets new industry standards and offers significant opportunities to reduce the need for imported and exported aggregates. The initiative brings substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, road traffic, noise pollution, social disruption, and costs, while promoting environmentally friendly solutions.

The Soil Management Initiative exemplifies innovative collaboration in the UK construction industry, dramatically reshaping traditional soil management practices. Following its successful inaugural implementation at the Vyrnwy Aqueduct, this groundbreaking technology is now being adopted across the construction sector, supported by rigorous quality assurance standards. We are committed to continuously testing and challenging existing engineering norms to advance the application of Ecofill products, driving the pursuit of low-carbon, environmentally sustainable solutions.

Ecofill’s Chairman, Dr. Nigel Griffiths, expressed: “Being shortlisted for the prestigious British Construction Industry Awards is a testament to the innovative and sustainable solutions Ecofill brings to the construction industry. Our partnership with Avove at the Vyrnwy Aqueduct has showcased the potential of our technology to transform traditional soil management practices, significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. We are proud to lead the way in pioneering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, driving positive change for a more sustainable future.”

Patrick Rafferty, Avove’s Business Director Operations, stated: “We are delighted to be recognised as finalists in the 2024 British Construction Industry Awards for leading on innovative initiatives in collaboration with our supply chain partner Ecofill. We are proud to deliver The Soil Management Initiative in collaboration with Ecofill, which will provide sustainable design and delivery techniques to the forefront of the industry. This initiative is bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry and setting new standards in efficiency, sustainability, community impact, and reducing carbon emissions.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project and the award submission. We eagerly anticipate attending the British Construction Industry Awards on 9th October in London.