COP26 And Why Our Timing Couldn’t Be Better

'COP26 must be the moment that the world comes together to deliver decisive action to protect our planet.'

As the world and our global leaders prepare for #COP26, Ecofill prepares to revolutionise the construction industry. ‘COP26 must be the moment that the world comes together to deliver decisive action to protect our planet.’ is the message delivered from COP26 President Alok Sharma. A bold statement that without full commitment from the world leaders and industry as a whole, could be extremely hard to deliver.

The challenge of lowering carbon emissions is not a new one. In fact, we all know it has been a topic high on the agenda for decades. We also know however that our brand-new, sustainable ground technology is the perfect alternative to carbon intense traditional methods. Our solution transforms clays and subsoils into structural fills, which significantly reduces waste soils to landfill and the import of aggregates. All of the Ecofill enhanced structural fills are designed, produced, tested & validated to meet all the National specification requirements & performance levels for Highways & Earthworks.

Our network of major developers and their supply chain have hailed Ecofill ‘a game changer’ with the applications for Ecofill being endless. Our clients fully appreciate the vast commercial and environmental savings Ecofill can bring to their companies & stake holders across a variety of projects including residential, commercial, infrastructure and the renewable energy sector.

This modern method of earthworks construction significantly reduces lorry movements to and from site by an average of 90%+. This in turn reduces the relative Co2 emissions, nitrogen dioxide and Pm10 (which in particular is very harmful to human health). A recent case study based on an area of 20,000m3, demonstrated a reduction of 4,072 lorry movements from the project. This in turn, highlighted a saving of 94 tonnes of CO2, 176 KG of Nitrogen Dioxide and almost 2kg of Pm10. These figures are based on just one construction project, in one town, in one county and in one country. The scale on which Ecofill can assist the construction industry and the built environment lower its overall carbon emissions locally, nationally and of course globally, is immense.

Cop 26 ‘Leader Events’ taking place between Oct31st and Nov 12th include such topics as Land Use, Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Building A Better World. Sustainability is at the core of the Ecofill ethos and the benefits we offer are a perfect example of how our innovation can address some of the points that will likely be raised within these discussions.

The “time for words has now moved to action” were the words spoken via video by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, at the opening address last night. At Ecofill, we encourage not only a new way of thinking, but offer a practical and cost effective solution that gives the industry a real & substantial opportunity to act now.

Ecofill is readily available to help contractors boost their own sustainability goals and the UK goals set out in the Paris Agreement which include specific targets for 2030 and of course Net Zero by 2050.

We are very excited for #COP26 and all it should achieve. In support, and to further highlight the benefits of Ecofill, we produced a short video featuring our Technical Manager Seb which can be viewed below.

Together, we can #BuildABetterFuture