Avove has partnered with Ecofill to bring pioneering soil management technology to the water sector


Delivering on a key part of its proactive sustainability strategy, Avove, a leading capital infrastructure and engineering services company, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Ecofill. This first-of-its-kind collaboration aims to bring pioneering Soil Management Technology to the water sector.

This innovative partnership combines expertise to provide alternative solutions for on-site subsoil treatment, addressing existing site ground conditions by processing and transforming on-site clays and subsoils into fully certified aggregate replacement products. Known as The Soil Management Initiative, this approach sets new industry standards, significantly reducing the need for imported and exported aggregates. The initiative offers substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, road traffic, noise pollution, social disruption, and costs, while providing environmentally friendly solutions.

The Soil Management Initiative exemplifies innovative collaboration in the UK construction industry, dramatically transforming traditional soil management practices. Following its successful inaugural implementation at the Vyrnwy Aqueduct Modernisation Programme, this groundbreaking technology is now being rolled out across the utilities and construction sectors, underpinned by high-quality assurance standards. The partnership remains committed to testing and challenging existing engineering standards to advance the application of Ecofill products in the pursuit of low-carbon, environmentally sustainable solutions.

Avove’s Director of Operations, Patrick Rafferty, said: “We are incredibly proud to partner with Ecofill and be part of this groundbreaking delivery which is bringing pioneering Soil Management technology to the forefront of the industry. We have already started to see the real-life benefits of using this technology which is providing innovative solutions to industry and is setting new standards in efficiency, sustainability, community impact and reducing carbon emissions.”

Nigel Griffiths, Chairman of Ecofill, commented: “This partnership with Avove marks a significant leap forward in sustainable earthworks construction. Our combined efforts are not only transforming traditional practices but also significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. We are proud to lead the way in pioneering solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, driving positive change for a more sustainable future.”

This partnership is a shining example of how Avove and Ecofill are working together to drive positive change within the industry. By integrating Ecofill’s groundbreaking technology, the collaboration aims to promote long-term environmental stewardship and operational efficiency, setting new benchmarks for sustainability and innovation.

Find out more about the Soil Management Initiative and how it is being delivered in the water industry by watching our video here 👇