Alec Shelbrooke MP Visits Head Office

Alec Shelbrooke MP champions Leeds based construction industry game changer



Ecofill, a brand new & revolutionary alternative to the use of traditional aggregates, recently welcomed Rt Hon Alec Shelbrooke MP to their offices in Garforth to showcase their sustainable new products and to highlight the urgent need for government to back green innovation within the construction sector.

Using state-of-the-art machinery and non-corrosive binders, the radical Ecofill solution uses the clays and subsoils already on site and transforms them into structural materials which, once processed, provide the same strength and structural properties typically found in aggregates which are commonly imported to site.

This modern method of construction significantly reduces waste soils to land fill and the import of aggregates and with this, generates significant reductions in lorry movements therefore reducing carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide and Pm10.

One local scheme, with planning permission for over 200 homes, was given as an example to the Conservative MP for Elmet & Rothwell which covers areas such as Garforth & Swillington, Harewood, Kippax & Methley, Rothwell and Wetherby.

Using Ecofill on this substantial residential development demonstrated a reduction of over 2,300 lorry movements to and from the site based on the east side of the city. This equates to a staggering reduction of over 50 tonnes of Co2 which is also a 97.3% saving compared to traditional methods. In addition, the positive effects on social disruption by way of reduced local traffic & noise pollution were also discussed at length.

It was further highlighted to Mr Shelbrooke that the Ecofill solution also offers significant cost savings to construction firms, housing developers and to the construction industry as a whole, of which the UK Government is a major client.

Trevor Gaughan Leeds, Founder of Ecofill said: “Our green technology not only reduces lorry movements to and from site by 98% it also cuts costs by 40%. These figures are extremely attractive to our local authorities and the UK government. Ecofill also has the ability to treat contaminated land which has the potential to assist in making the £1.8bn brownfield redevelopment fund go much further, accelerating the Government’s ‘Levelling Up’ agenda”.

It is reported that the built environment, of which the construction sector is a crucial component, currently contributes some 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. The United Kingdom is recognised as one of the world’s leading powerhouses in the fight against climate change and the UK Government has outlined a strong commitment to building back greener and to a sustainable future.

“Achieving global carbon net zero by 2050 has become mission critical and as a world leader, the UK is now under the spotlight when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. The recent COP26, whilst positive in many areas still raises the question – exactly how are these targets going to be achieved?”

Seb Love, Chief Technical Officer for Ecofill went on to say, “This sector requires bold, transformative action. This net zero transformation, although challenging, presents an enormous opportunity for the UK government and the UK construction industry to make collaborative, fundamental change. Reduced costs and reduced carbon going hand in hand. That is what Ecofill does”

Mr Shelbrooke added “I visited Ecofill in Garforth to see their pioneering work in the construction sector with innovative products to reduce emissions, road traffic and particulate pollution. It’s great to see companies growing here in Elmet & Rothwell – more jobs, more investment, more opportunities”

The fully certified Ecofill products which meet the national specification for highways and earthworks and the revolutionary Ecofill solution can be used across all major industry sectors including residential, commercial, renewables and rail & highways infrastructure.

Ecofill is the perfect link between lowering costs, lowering carbon, technical innovation and infrastructure modernisation and will make significant changes in reducing Co2 within the construction industry.

To learn more about how Ecofill is engaging with Government to strive for fundamental change, watch our “Ecofill In The UK” video below