The Ecofill technology transforms
all types of onsite clays and subsoils
into aggregate replacement products.

The countdown is on for Net Zero 2050.

Is the industry doing enough?


Ecofill: Build A Better Future


Reduced Export of Soils
to Landfill


Reduced Requirement for Imported Aggregates


Reduced Carbon Emissions for
the Construction Industry


Significant Cost Savings & Increased Profitability

What is Ecofill

Ecofill is an innovative and sustainable earthworks solution which transforms all types of on-site Clays & Subsoils into aggregate replacement products. 

The Ecofill technology provides an on-site, ex-situ technology using state-of -the-art machinery and non-corrosive, approved Ecofill binders. Our services include binder design, material production, testing and validation.

All Ecofill products meet the National Specification for Highways and Earthworks and are tested & validated by independent, UKAS accredited laboratories. 

By reducing the traditional requirement for the disposal of soils to landfill and the import of aggregates, Ecofill offers a unique and sustainable, cost saving solution.

Ecofill are expert Land Regeneration Specialist offering our clients:

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Significant Cost Reductions

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

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Increased Carbon Handprint

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Sustainable Green Technology

Ecofill provides an opportunity to engage in regenerative & responsible sustainability whilst further enhancing your own CSR policies and commitments to address the current climate crisis.

Ecofill: Build A Better Future

Further Benefits

Further Benefits

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Permanent & temporary earthworks solutions

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Extensive workability period

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Reduced particulate pollution

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Improved site safety

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Treatment & remediation of contaminated soils

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Improved project completion time

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Reduced road traffic

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Ecofill Education Programme

Who We Are

As land regeneration specialists, we are a solutions provider, we are innovators and we are here to decarbonise construction.

Ecofill was created with a passion for sustainability and as a drive for change. Without this change, carbon emissions and costs will continue to rise.

Sustainability is at the core of the Ecofill circular economy process and our revolutionary technology can be applied to all kinds of permanent & temporary, construction & civil engineering projects.

Today’s methods can no longer be tomorrow’s problems. Working with Ecofill will provide your organisation with a unique, unrivalled and unlimited opportunity to cut carbon and cut costs.

It is time to build a better future.

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"Reusing clays & subsoils on site is the key to slashing carbon outputs and dramatically cutting construction costs"
Dr Nigel Griffiths
Chairman & Former UK Construction Minister